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You Are Here No.1, Acrylic on canvas 36x60" ©2021

I paint from my imagination, using universal and sometimes whimsical themes.


My paintings encourage contemplation of the wonderful and infinite possibilities of life and the universe. They are figurative, using a vibrant and bold color palette. 


There are many influences to my art, including Joan Brown’s visual memoirs, Henri Rousseau’s fabricated tales of exotic jungles and wild animals, David Hockney’s vibrant portraits and landscapes, the poetic and lyrical dream world of Marc Chagall, as well as the hope-filled Buddhist view of the dignity and value of life.


I approach my paintings with enthusiasm, delighting in the dynamic play between controlled use of line, shape and color and areas of random markings.


These paintings contain images of impossible encounters and of settings that blend my dreams and memories in order to manifest a new reality that dares to be both nostalgic and full of enthusiasm for the future. 

Made with love and deep appreciation for all the people in my life.

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