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Brunch at Brita's and Brunch at Brita’s II were completed in 2012 and 2013-2019, respectively. Each canvas panel is composed of portraits of guests attending an imagined brunch hosted by the artist’s late mother Brita Williams.

Carla W Gelbaum Contemporary Fine Art

Brunch at Brita's, Acrylic on canvas 55x80" 



Brunch at Brita's II, Acrylic on canvas 73x93" 


The paintings are made up of individual sheets of unstretched canvas that the artist painted on and then sewed together, much like a quilt, on her mother’s Featherweight Singer sewing machine.


The guests include both the artist's grandmother Lotte and her daughter Julia. Since Brita and her mother Lotte passed away several years before Julia was born, the brunch provides a wonderful opportunity for them to be together.


The other guests are Indira Gandhi, mother of two and former prime minister of India; Nefertiti, mother of six daughters and an Egypitian Queen; Wangari Maathai of Kenya, mother of three and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; and Kaneko Ikeda, mother of three sons and Buddhist envoy for peace. 


Imagine the guests sitting down with Brita in her home and enjoying the delicious meal with their place settings carefully arranged. Certainly the conversation at the brunch would be lively and thought provoking as the guests talked and laughed together, sharing their experiences and their wisdom gained as mothers, wives and daughters.


Julia Gelbaum, Brita Williams, Indira Gandhi, Queen Nefertiti

Kaneko Ikeda, Carla Gelbaum, Wangari Maathai, Lotte Rosenthal


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