WISH YOU WERE HERE includes images of impossible encounters and of settings that blend my dreams and memories in order to manifest a new reality that dares to be both nostalgic and full of enthusiasm for the future.


The presence of camera phones or the suggestion of photography reinforces this notion of shared memories and the desire to connect with people who aren’t with us.


The juxtaposition of old world art with new world technology also reflects a joyful relationship between the past and present as well as the consistency of the need to create and preserve a beautiful sense of place and self. 

You Are Here No. 1

You Are Here No.1, Acrylic on canvas 36x60" ©2021

YOU ARE HERE is a sister series to WISH YOU WERE HERE.

You Are Here is a famous phrase that we know from tourist maps and maps of unfamiliar places, but within this new series it also refers to the idea of place and of permanence. Of somewhere you have been. Of someone you have been with. You are not gone. You are here. You have not left. You are here.